White Coveralls

White Coveralls

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Protective clothing Features

1. Bound stitched seam keep the performance of liquid resistance

2. Hood with elastic border

3. Knitted cuffs or elastic cuffs are optional

4. Elasticated band and ankles

5. Wide armhole for maximum wearability and comfort during usage

6. No particle release

7. Ergonomic 3-piece hood

8. Elasticated waist for optimum fit

9. Ample crotch area


Used for breeding disinfection, general isolation, dust and ventilation, outdoor work, community epidemic prevention, school disinfection, etc.

The best protective suit is applied for Livestock farms, poultry farms, epidemic prevention work, and outdoor work.


Type & Using places

1) Sterilized medical type: It's mainly used in places as follow,

2) Hospitals;

3) Outpatientclinics;

4) Testing laboratories;

5) Ambulances.



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