PPE Clothing

PPE Clothing

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Protective clothing Features

1. Disposable clinical protective suit is made from high quality composite material. It has the function of anti-virus, breathable, osmosis prevention, waterproofing, and it’s static-free.

2. Disposable clinical protective suit is comfortable to wear for its both water proofing and breathable materiel features.

3. Heat-sealing clinical rubber strip makes the highest protection level.

4. Long shelf-life and easy to abandon, makes it environment friendly.





Used for breeding disinfection, general isolation, dust and ventilation, outdoor work, community epidemic prevention, school disinfection, etc.

The best protective suit is applied for Livestock farms, poultry farms, epidemic prevention work, and outdoor work.




Type & Using places

1) Non-sterilized type: It’s mainly used in places as follow;

2) Government epidemic prevention workers;

3) Community epidemic prevention workers;

4) Food factory;

5) Pharmacy;

6) Food supermarket;

7) Bus station epidemic prevention checkpoint;

8) Train station epidemic checkpoint;

9) Airport epidemic checkpoint;

10) Seaport epidemic checkpoint;

11) Landport epidemic checkpoint;

12) Other Public Epidemic checkpoints.


Protective clothing price


Ways to wear protective clothing

1) Expand protective clothing;

2) Pull the zipper apart;

3) Put into the legs from the zipper opening in turn;

4) Wear upper coat

5) Stick hands out of sleeves;

6) Wear hooded;

7) Pull the zipper from the front of the chest;

8) Tear off the off-type paper on the double – sided adhesive and press the seal from top to bottom.




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