What Are The Precautions For Wearing A Mask

1. Wear a mask during the season of high incidence of influenza, in the days of smog and dust, when you are ill or go to the hospital for medical treatment. In the winter, the old people with low immunity, the sickly people had better wear a mask when they go out.
2. Most of the colorful masks are made of chemical fiber fabric, with poor air permeability and chemical stimulation, which is easy to harm the respiratory tract. The qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabric.
3. It’s unscientific not to put it around after use and clean it in time. After wearing a mask for 4-6 hours, a lot of germs will accumulate and the mask should be washed every day.
4. Do not wear a mask to run, because the outdoor exercise of oxygen demand is greater than usual, and the mask may lead to poor breathing and even lack of oxygen in the viscera, and then produce very serious consequences.
5. After wearing the mask, the mouth, nose and most of the area below the orbit should be covered. The edge of the mask should be close to the face, but it should not affect the line of sight.


Post time: Mar-31-2020