What Advantages Do Disposable Masks Have In The Market?

Now the air pollution is more and more serious, many users will wear masks, disposable masks are the most used by users on the market.
1. Light texture
Disposable masks used to make materials is also relatively good, so the use of disposable masks friends can also directly feel the product texture of the light and soft, wearing on the face will not have a scratchy feeling, soft texture let the majority of consumers are willing to continue to wear such masks. Meanwhile, the skin on the face is well protected when wearing a disposable mask.
2. Better ventilation
Disposable masks because the use of materials with better permeability, so the production of the wearing effect also has better permeability. Some of the more dense masks will affect people’s breathing to a certain extent, after wearing people’s breathing is often more difficult. And the material of disposable mask is proper, people will not have breathing difficulties after wearing the phenomenon, there is a better use of the feeling.


Post time: Mar-31-2020