Some Need To Know The Standard Of Mask

YY 0469-2004 technical requirements for surgical masks for medical use was issued by the state drug and food administration as a pharmaceutical industry standard and implemented on January 1, 2005. This standard specifies the technical requirements, test methods, marking and instructions for use, packaging, transportation and storage of surgical masks. The standard stipulates that the filtration efficiency of the mask should be no less than 95%.
GB/T 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks, issued by the former aqsiq and standardization administration of China, is the first national standard for civil protective masks in China and was implemented on November 1, 2016. This standard involves the requirements of mask material, structure, label, appearance, etc. The main indexes include functional indexes such as particle filtration efficiency, expiratory and inspiratory resistance, and tightness.
The standard requires that masks should be able to safely and firmly protect the mouth and nose, and should not have a sharp Angle or edge that can be touched. It makes detailed regulations on formaldehyde, dyes, microorganisms and other factors that may cause harm to the human body, so as to ensure the safety of the public when wearing protective masks.


Post time: Mar-31-2020