How To Wear Surgical Mask Correctly

A medical surgical mask has two sides, front and back, with a darker side — the blue side facing out and the lighter side facing in, close to our faces.
The main precautions for wearing masks are:
1. There are white and blue sides of the mask. Put the white side in and the metal side up. Bring the bottom of the mask up to the base of the chin;
2. Pull up the upper band of the mask, cover the muzzle and nose with the two upper bands behind the ears and tied tightly to the head, not the ears.
3. Press the wire at the root of the nose on the top of the mask with the index finger of both hands, and make it close to the skin of the nose. Then gradually move the index finger to both sides to make the entire mask close to the skin of the face.

Post time: Mar-31-2020