How To Wear Mask Can More Comfortable

1. The mask should be straight. The upper edge should be worn above the bridge of the nose. Don’t wear them too low, or too loosely tied, or too high. And children wearing masks may feel difficult to breathe, parents should promptly communicate with their children. It is important to note that once the mask is removed, the side of the mask worn on the inside of the mouth and nose should be folded in and placed in a clean pocket or in a clean plastic bag for later use. Health authorities warned that wearing a mask correctly can play a role, but it does not provide complete protection against infectious diseases, so other precautions should be taken, such as frequent hand washing, keeping a distance from patients and avoiding places where people gather.
2. Go to the place where people are gathered to wear masks. It is not necessary for healthy people to wear masks all the time in their daily life. Wear a mask to prevent contact with droplets containing the h1n1 virus. Healthy people should be isolated at their nursing homes from patients with influenza-like symptoms, have close contact with people with cold symptoms, or go to hospitals, stations and other public places with dense population and high risk of infection. Or to travel to areas where the epidemic is severe.
3. Disposable surgical masks should be replaced every day. Wearing masks cannot completely prevent the spread of the virus in the population. Citizens are invited to buy ordinary surgical masks at regular pharmacies. It is an economical and effective way of prevention to master the correct method of use.
Formal gauze masks are effective in preventing influenza. While gauze masks can block bacteria, they can also have a negative effect if worn improperly.

Post time: Mar-31-2020