How To Choose Mask Scientifically

Experts said that in addition to providing effective protection, mask wearing must also consider the wearer’s comfort, not bring biological hazards and other negative effects. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of mask protection, the greater the impact on comfort performance. When people breathe in, they wear a mask that resists the flow of air. When inspiratory resistance is too big, some people can feel giddy, bosom is frowsty wait for uncomfortable condition.
The industry of different people is different, constitution is different, the index requirement such as airtightness, protection, comfort, adaptability to the mask is different also. Some special groups, such as children, the elderly, people suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, to carefully choose the type of mask, in the premise of ensuring safety protection, to avoid prolonged wearing hypoxia dizziness and other unexpected circumstances.
Finally, prompt everyone no matter what type of mask, after use should be properly handled, so as not to become a new source of infection. Usually more than a few masks, timely replacement, build a strong health protection of the first line of defense. I wish you all good health!

Post time: Mar-31-2020