Do You Have Your Mask Ready

The shape fits the face.
The better the mask fits with the face, the better the protective effect, because the protective effect of the mask has a great deal to do with the face when wearing the mask. Good fitting, the air outside the mask is not easy to enter from the edge of the mask into the mask, inhaled by the human body.
Adequate respiratory resistance.
The closer the mask is not the better, some masks wear respiratory resistance is too likely to cause damage to the human respiratory system. So try on a mask when you’re choosing one and press it against your face to feel if you’re having trouble breathing.
Mask has very good permeability, won’t cause to the human body’s breath not free, at the same time to dust and small insects have a very good isolation effect, so is a good choice, but remember to choose a large manufacturer of oh.

Post time: Mar-31-2020