Do You Have A Mask

The standard is the main technical indicators set according to the product characteristics, the GB/T 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective mask, combining GB2626-2006 “prevent particulate respirator self-priming filter type”, GB19083-2010 “medical respirator, America NIOSH respirators and eu EN149 respirators and other standards, mainly used in oil particle concentration is higher (such as kitchen, barbecue environment) under the link of respiratory protection field.
The standard stipulates that the filtration efficiency of oily particles is more than 90%, and the other indexes set higher requirements for leakage, respiratory resistance, microbial indexes and pH value on the basis of meeting the grade A standards of civil masks and the standard indexes of anti-oil masks in Europe and the United States, and add the index requirements for delayed hypersensitivity.
The common respirators in the market are KN90\KN95 grade non-oily particulate respirators, KP respirators tend to have very large resistance, aesthetics and comfort are the standards of industrial respirators, it is difficult to meet the daily use needs of the public.
The establishment of the standard of civil soot-proof masks has played a positive role in public health. For the broad kitchen worker, the formulation of this standard helps to choose suitable protective equipment for their working environment.

Post time: Mar-31-2020