Disposable Mask And Gauze Mask Which Is Good

Suggest to use disposable mask better! The biggest mistake: gauze mask as dust mask use. As early as 2000, the former state economic and trade commission stipulated in national economic and trade safety [2000] that gauze masks should not be used as dustproof masks.
Gauze masks are commonly used to prevent dust in the backward era of China’s occupational protection technology, but in recent years, with the progress of China’s protection standards, detection technology and manufacturing technology, as well as the general enhancement of social protection awareness, has clearly recognized the low efficiency of gauze.
During SARS in 2003, due to the wrong direction, medical workers used gauze masks to protect themselves, which caused a large number of medical workers to be infected due to improper protection. Now although from the standard, laws and regulations on gauze masks have been determined, but the long-term use of gauze masks, but a lot of wrong protection concept developed, such as more emphasis on cheap, should absorb sweat, should be able to wash and breathe “benefits”, but do not pay attention to the tightness, effective filtration and other due protection effect.

Post time: Mar-31-2020