Can Non – Woven Cloth Mask Be Cleaned

Non-woven mask filtering mechanism as long as it is by ultrafine electrostatic fiber cloth, the fiber diameter of about 1 to 5 micron, so the ultrafine dust electrostatic fiber cloth after capture, very not easy for cleaning from, and non-woven mask after washing, is can destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability, so, non-woven mask you can’t wash, it is can not be reused, so must be discarded after use.
Non-woven cloth mask is widely used in medical and health undertakings, can be used for beauty, pharmaceutical, good insulation, good flexibility, good permeability, both waterproof and water absorption. Especially for some pollutants in the air, can be through the non-woven cloth mask filtering effect, will these harmful substances thoroughly filtered, can ensure the health of everyone.
However, the durability or strength of non-woven cloth mask is relatively poor, so non-woven cloth in the washing, can not be washed, can not be reused. In addition, in the use of non-woven mask, must be careful, its fiber is arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right Angle, these aspects hope to attract attention.

Post time: Mar-31-2020